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Interview with Chad Beebe

Preet Shah 7/17/2019

With the start of Training Camp right around the corner and the preseason following that, we at Vikingnations were lucky enough to be able to interview last preseason’s standout wide receiver, Chad Beebe, son of former Super Bowl winner Don Beebe.

We asked a total of 10 questions and hopefully, this gives you a better insight into Chad Beebe as both a person and a player.

Below is a transcript of the interview.

What did you learn from being around other professional football players at such a young age?

The biggest thing that I’ve learned and am still learning is how to best take care of my body. The best ability is availability.” 

Who are you the closest with on the team?

Tough question because there are a few guys, but to name one probably Adam.”

What have you learned from the Vikings coaching staff about your game?

That I need to keep working on the vertical route game as I continue to grow in the NFL game.”

What changes have you noticed in the new offensive regime?

That our offensive room is full of confidence as well as attitude to prove ourselves this year.”

What are you looking to improve upon in your second season with the team?

I hope to improve my vertical route game. I also hope to bring another element to our offense this year to help us go far in the postseason.”

What type of music do you listen to before the game?

I listen to a bit of everything honestly. Variety is key. Some worship music, some Bob Marley, a little bit of hip hop.”

How do you think going against the Vikings secondary has improved your game?

We have one of the best secondaries in the league and there is no doubt that they have made me a better wideout. Super thankful for that.”

What is something you hope to accomplish by the end of this year? Doesn’t have to be football-related.

My goal is to always just do my best in everything I do and try to be the best example for young kids. I want to be an impact for the better.”

How has playing alongside Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen improved your game?

I’ve been able to watch how they run routes and how they carry themselves on game day. Those two aspects have been crucial for me to improve my game. But another big key is how I’ve been able to watch them off the practice field. How they live life outside of football. Whether it’s taking care of their bodies or the camaraderie they bring to the locker room.”

Describe an experience you’ve had with Coach Zimmer?

After my first first down catch at the Detroit game at home, I ran to the sideline and coach Zimmer gave me a nod and said ‘good job.’ Haha small but nice to hear as a rookie.”

That concludes the interview with Mr. Chad Beebe, we thank him for his time and for allowing us to put this on our website. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to be alerted to more interviews as they come out. As always, Skol Vikes.