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Draft Best Player Available

Justin Raasch / April 7th, 2022 / Pic:

 After Derek Stingley Jr had his pro day yesterday and showed everyone that he's healthy and very athletic, there are now questions of his availability at 12. That being said, there have been roughly 50 players that will not be available when our Minnesota Vikings are on the clock at 12. So what if all Hutchinson, Thibodaux, Walker, Sauce, Hamilton and Stingley are all off the board? Well, Darren "Doogie" Wolfson says there are people in the building that LOVE WRs Garrett Wilson and Drake London. 

This is the part of draft season where rumors get started so someone can jump ahead of us to make the prospect we really like drop to us, but taking WR may not be such a bad idea. I know first thing on everyone's mind why?! We need defense and help on the line. We also didn't need Randy Moss not saying either of these two will develop into Randy Moss.  

Drake London is a big body WR though, who has been comped to Mike Evans and will take some of the double teams away from Jefferson as well as be a threat in the red zone. Wilson is more of a Diontae Johnson type WR (Pro Bowl WR for the Pittsburgh Steelers). He can create at all three levels.  

Why to not fear WR early:

1. We are in a new style of offense long gone are the Mike Zimmer days of 2 tight ends fullback and halfback. Kevin O'Connell and the Rams ran a lot of 3 wide. Jefferson, Thielen, KJ and Smith-Marsette along with a returning Bisi Johnson are all solid. But Rams had Kupp, Odell, Van Jefferson, Robert Woods all who had big roles in that offense.  

2. Adam Thielen did restructure but for the next 2 seasons, and has cap hits of 19.9 million and 21.6 million. He's a Minnesota staple, but has missed time last few seasons and it's time to start thinking about replacing him.

3. Kirk's contract runs out the same time as Justin Jefferson will be looking for a new contract so the odds are pretty high that we will have a new quarterback unless the cap goes up significantly. What better way that to set up a young QB whoever it may be with hopefully bookend tackles in Darrisaw and O'Neil and step into a job with big time wide receivers.

4. Unless you've been living under a rock you know Green Bay traded away Davante Adams. Just out of spite taking a weapon away from them!

Again, it's all speculation at this point, and rumors are running rampant but we wouldn't have our two best players of the last 30 years if we drafted by need and not best player available. We took Randy Moss with Cris Carter and Jake Reed already at WR, and Adrian Peterson after giving what at the time was a big contract to Chester Taylor who rushed for over 1000 yards. There will still be talent to fill the needs later in the draft but don't be afraid to take that blue-chip talent just because you already have talent there.